Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Post 3 - The idea of progress : The impact of new technology in our lives

Perfecting the prosthetic leg.

This document, is a medical advert published by Eucomed organisation, in 2012. It deals with the notion of progress, in this case, especially with the medical advancement in prosthetic leg.

The designer, who was probably a researcher on the medical world, wanted to show, how much medical technology has progressed since 1800 to nowadays. It shows us, seven different prosthetic legs, and the transformation in this area. All things considered the medical and technological progress, since the last 200 years. 
This progression it shows by the timeline on the bottom of the document, which they are three different dates. ( 1800 - 1920 - today) 

I choose to present this document because, it's remind me the fact of how important is, to integrate disabled people in the society. so, this document, shows us a positive side of technological progress. 
In this advertisement what catches the eye are the seven prosthetic legs in line, which really show us the message. On the top right-hand corner, we have the logo of Eucomed, and at the left we have some tittle " Perfecting the prosthetic leg." and a sub-tittle "How incremental innovation works for patients". Which is in fact like a caption, explaining the idea of the project.

I think that it's an interesting document because, it is about a topic, which affect part of the society, but it still a theme that people are not really interested in. 
This document is an advert so it is directed particularly to some people. In this case it is much directed to disabled people,  their surroundings, and persons who woks in the medicine world. Anyway it's interesting for those people who have an external point of view of the medical environment; for example to awareness the person about such health problems, and physicals health problems. 

In my opinion this document was pretty well designed because, it catch the eye. It's a nice document, to sensitize people, and to make us understand, why medical progress are so important in our lives. Anyway if we are not faced with this type of problem, all the day; others persons can be. It make this theme more common for people. It's interesting to say that, the drawing reminds the representation of Darwin's theory of evolution's .


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Post 2 - Videos about technology.

Description :
This video is structured around two main narrative voices and a character illustrating what the voice-over says while a singer often merely repeats what's just been said.
The setting is a christian home and church, so this particular context is very meaningful. We can notice on various occasions that the main character is addicted to high-technology products, mostly smartphones. He is shown as a family man unable to communicate with his wife, exept through texting. He is also shown as a church-goer incapable of attending worship  without all his phones vibrating all the time, marking him look like he's full of the holy spirit.Finally, he is depicted as a computer geek whose life has become extremely complicated instead of having been simplified.

Interpretation : 
Basically, this video means that high technology has become a religion for many people, even christians who are not supposed to be materialistic. Then, in a christian lifestyle, quite a few church goers and believers tend to focus more on materialistic issues rather than spiritual ones. We can add that technology reings supreme for many people who revere it as a God enlightening his followers. The question is, is this a real progress for humankind / humanity ? 

Description : 
Two people are stuck on an elevator in a place that seems litterally empty. The man looks upset. He might be an office worker walking to his job.The woman claims that she is already late, so for her, this is the last straw. At one point, she's about to cry and asks for a phone. In short, they both look hopeless.

Interpretation : 
We can relate this situation to a fairly comon one in real life : getting stuck on an elevator. The difference is that, in this situation, people have the right to panic whereas on an escalator, there is no reason whatsoever to be scared. This video points out the increasing dependence of human beings on technology. If it goes missing, it is as if a crutch had been taken away from, so these two people cannot even walk up the stairs which would be the normal thing to do. We could think  that technological progress makes humans lazy or at least less prone to taking initiatives

Sunday, September 8, 2013

First Post - A Cartoon.

This document is a cartoon, called "The Fanatic Geek", by Chappatte published in the International Herald Tribune. We don't have any information about the date.
It deals with the notion of progress, especially with the Internet impact on the cinematographic world.

What catches the eye is probably, the man in black in the middle part of the cartoon, who's signing an autograph. But the boy in front of him too. We can recognize the event because of the Cannes festival logo in  the top left-hand corner.
This cartoon includes a balloon, which can make us understand the situation, the Cannes festival logo, and the "at sign" print on the boy´s T-shirt which represent the Internet.

The cartoonist aims to criticize the Internet evolution and the impact it has on our society. Here it criticizes people who download movies illegally, and pretend to be fans of the movie director.
Generally speaking the message put across by the cartoonist is not to pirate movies, because  it is not rewarding for directors and actors.

The document is well designed, because it is easy to understand the message it wants to share.
It's pretty convincing but the argument is not really developed, and we can interpret it in many ways.
I think that  can influence the readers but, that can't shock them at all.
I obviously agree with the cartoonist, but at the same time we're living in an expensive society, and some people prefer to do illegal things than spend money. The thing is that nothing is done to promote culture, and people prefer to access it, even in a bad way.

This situation was true, and probably continues to be. It's happening the same with the music industry. It's not a positive situation because is not rewarding for some persons. People pirate movies all around the world, so it's a huge problem, because nobody can really stop that. So, we can conclude saying that it's a negative thing but, all the people don't think so.