Monday, November 18, 2013


Choose something to present that I like...what's an hard decision! I might choose to talk about music, but it's so typical of me, or about my dream to move to Canada but no. I decided to say something about the city of Paris.
I was born there, and for me is a city which means a lot.  I can say that I am totally in love with this city, for it's architecture, history, monuments and more.  I just come back there twice at year but anyway. 
 I think that it's this kind of city that even if  you go during summer or winter, you always have fun and can be astonish of what Paris can hide.
I am not saying that people from Paris are the most lovely persons, because is not the case, because when you are walking in the street people look at you with distrust.
Paris, one of the most beautiful cities in the world.. definitely, yes. The city of love, of the lights, of mode! People always have something to say about this city, but in fact is not my case, it's my hometown, it's the city that I will always love.

Night or Day 
 Welcome Mr Eiffel.

...Or Out.
                                                                Cosmopolitan way of life. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Requiem for a Dream

I decided to present the movie "Requiem for a Dream", directed by Darren Aronofsky, in 2000. It's an american drama starring Ellen Burstyn, Jared Leto, Jennifer Connelly, and Marlon Wayans.
This movie deals with the notion of power, in various aspects. 
This movie shows us, the power of different addictions, as drugs, and TV. And the power of love, of imagination, and of physical aspect. 

The power of drugs, is one of the most important think in the story, because three of the protagonists are addicted to drugs, Harry Goldfarb,  Marion Silver and Tyrone C. Love. Then, Harry and Tyrone got into the business of drugs, to can finance some things. In this story, the lives of these three characters change because of drugs; at the beginning, they started in the same point, but at the end, they all finished in three different situations.

The power of TV is really important for one character, Sara Goldfarb, (Harry's mother). The movie starts with a scene where we can see Harry taking his mother's TV, because she is so addicted. Later, Sara, received a call of a TV channel, then she starts thinking that she was selected to appear on television, on her favourite TV show. The think, is that during the vast majority of the movie she's setting in front of her television, is like the trigger element, because the majority of her actions during the movies, were engendered by her addiction of television. 

Another aspect of power can be the power of the mind in Sara's case, because, she was too obsessed of television, than she changed important things in her life, and she started to rave. At first, she understood that she was selected for the TV show, later, she convinced herself that she have to wear her red dress again. 
Which takes us, to the importance of the physical aspect, because she decided to lose weight. What jeopardize her physical and mental health. 

And finally, we can find the power of love which is not the more obvious in this movie. But Harry and Marion are a young couple, and they still in love during all the movie. Harry decided to continue with the business of drugs to can finance Marion's future project. During the movie, their paths diverge, but they still fighting because they still thinking on  each other, to won't give up.

We can definitely find the notion of power of power in Requiem for a Dream, in various way, and not the most common that we can imagine.  

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Post 5 - THE NOTION OF POWER "Redacted"


In my opinion, this movie deals with war consequences, like what happened during war, and the outcome after war.With the lack of communication, which causes the ill-being of the soldiers, during and after the war. I think that Brian De Palma, didn't want to shows us a typical movie, but a really realistic, like a documentary. To shows us  Afghanistan and Irak  wars from the Americans soldiers viewpoint, but on a realistic way, not showing the american superiority, or a patriotic point of view. I think that De Palma, really wanted to disturbed people who watch the movie, making some mix of film, and documentary. 

I think that this movie deals with the notion of power, because is showing us that, sometimes some people have too much power, and than they don't use it, as they have to. But, it shows too, that sometimes the soldiers are powerless, like they have to kill people, and they don't want, they just sometimes live really hard situations, like they were liking in hell, and all because of the decision of a government. So it really deals with the notion of power, in this case political power, which is not always good.

Director Brian De Palma turns his lens on the Iraq War with this "fictional documentary" about the experience of U.S. soldiers involved in the conflict. Based on a news item about the rape of an Iraqi schoolgirl by wayward grunts assigned to patrol a checkpoint, the film depicts a scenario not unlike the one De Palma covered in Casualties of War. Shot on high-definition video, Redacted also addresses the ever-evolving manner in which war is covered by the media by focusing on such journalistic innovations as blog coverage and web reporting.


This is one truly powerful (for lack of better a word) film. I am left dumbfounded and virtually speechless. Of course we all are aware of the horrific tragedy of war, but this film really showed me that what I had in mind is a "G" rated version. Everyone needs to see this film so we can all truly understand what our men and women are going though. It really brings you there with them and lets you see what they see on a daily basis. Not only does it focus on Americans, but it looks into what the Iraqi's are going through as well. This war is not a pretty picture, and though this film documents the disturbing realism of war, please watch it. It's films like this that make a difference and spark change.