Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Post 4: IRack

In my opinion, this video can deals, with two notions: Notion of Progress, and Seats and Forms of Power.
For notion of progress, it is obviously on a critical side, showing how much technology, is improving, but sometimes, this improvement doesn't make sens. It shows us that sometimes, humans can not control technology which they created, because in this video the IRack exploded and Steve Jobs cannot does anything. 
In another side, just  the name of this new "electronic device", shows us that, the video is dealing with the implication of the U.S.A in Iraq, making  war, against terrorism. So, it's a metaphoric image, to display the power of America, in the world, so it deals with the notion of seats and forms of power.
We can conclude saying that, this is a critical video, against to much technological progress which is sometimes unnecessary, and against  too much power of America in the world, like making war in Iraq.