Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Two notions illustrated in Sean Penn's movie "Into the wild" (2007)

In my opinion this movie deals with two different notions, Myths and heroes and the Idea of progress, telling us the story of a man who decided to break free from the society and his life, and go to Alaska to live like a free person. The idea of progress can be tackle, in a contrary way, because in fact the protagonist is against progress and decided to come back  to a natural state to have a better life. In fact is showing like a regression but it can be a spiritual progress for him  too. The second notion is can be tackle is the notion of myths and heroes because of the myth of  the Good Savage, which explain that living in the state of nature is something good, contrary as the vast majority of people can think. And it can be shows through the protagonist eye, who seems to became some idealistic figure of this myth. 

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